Garnier Tissue mask with Vitamin C

Hello beauties, I am here with another post about this amazing sheet mask I have discovered recently. It’s called the Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask with Vitamin C Shot, its  the best budget friendly sheet masks available in the market which will leave you with the most glowing skin.

Cleanse your face with your regular face wash/cleanser, double cleanse with oil (oil based cleanser) if you have makeup on your face so that your face is well prepared to absorb its amazing ingredients. Prepping your skin is a must if you want to see results of this vitamin c infused mask. After that, scrub your face using a mild scrub to prepare a smooth canvas for this mask. Now, apply this mask over your face by following the instructions at the back. 

To be very honest, it’s a little tricky to follow these instructions as you might end up tearing the whole packaging and ruining the mask, so be careful and follow what’s been written at the back of the packet. Fold the mask’s packet as per the directions and press the Vitamin C shot into the mask sheet gently. Press it until all the serum is induced into the sheet and until it drinks all the liquid. Now, tear the packet as directed and take the mask out carefully. 

Apply it covering your face as per the shape of the sheet mask and let it rest for 20 mins on your face. If you see some of the remaining serum in the packet use that on your neck, hands and the tanned body parts. I end up using the remaining serum as a lotion on my arms and legs. 

Since the mask does not cover your eyes, so I recommend to put some used green tea bags on your eyes for treating them simultaneously. You don’t want your face to glow with those tired eyes and dark circles. 

Remove the mask after 20-25 mins and pat the serum in your skin by massaging. Do not wash your face after this for its lasting affect. This will leave your skin hydrated and glowing like a star. Wait for another 30 mins before applying other products or makeup. 

Also, please remember to check with your dermatologist first if you’re uncertain about any reactions that you may have to ingredients listed in this sheet mask. Have you used this mask before? Do let me know in the comments section below.

Written by

Nidhi Ahuja

I live in Auckland and hold a Masters degree in Business Marketing from NZ. I am a marketing specialist by profession but my love and passion for beauty is beyond everything. I believe spending money on beauty is a long term investment for which we see results afterwards. I encourage my fellas to follow serious skincare regimen which is very important for your stressed skin nowadays. I am a makeup junkie too, I love experimenting with new looks by trying and testing the latest makeup products in the market.