Mario Badescu’s hyaluronic acid eye cream is a lightweight and hydrating cream for treating the dry dehydrated eyes. I have extremely dry skin and applying makeup on textured dehydrated eyes is a stumbling block while doing your eye makeup. This eye cream is extremely smooth and is one of the best selling ones from the brand. It won’t make you feel greasy or too heavy on your eyes. I end up using this eye cream both during am/pm in my skincare routine. 

As mentioned in my previous blog, applying eye cream is an important step in your skincare routine and should be followed up customarily without a miss. This eye cream contains hyaluronic acid which imparts hydration to dehydrated and parched skin. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful acid that helps in locking up the moisture level on your delicate skin around the eyes. It has a creamy whipped texture but it absorbs quickly in a matter of seconds. It also contains safflower seed oil which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Due to the ingredients in this eye cream it helps to create a smooth canvas to prep your skin for makeup for smooth application. 

The eye cream has helped me to smooth my fine lines and dryness, I don’t have a lot of age lines on my eyes as I am only 30, my fine lines are not that deep and prominent so this cream kind of works for me. It has also brightened up my dark circles but I can’t see any major difference for that concern but still I would say this is an overall high performing eye cream for that price. 

This eye cream is available in Mecca stores in New Zealand and the price tag will blow your mind because eye creams can be way too expensive. This is only $31 NZD and for that price this eye cream does its job perfectly. If you have concerns like extreme fine lines and dark eye bags, I would recommend trying something other that targets those concerns but if you are looking for a hydrating lightweight eye cream to add in your skincare regimen, this is the best out of the lot. 

If you want your eye creams to work, make sure you are using them correctly and in the right order. I have emphasised on the correct order of these skincare products a lot, if you want to see the maximum benefit of your products, make sure the order of application is correct. The quantity of the eye cream is also very important. A pea-sized amount of product should be enough for both eyes. You have to be very gentle while applying the eye creams as the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. I recommend using your ring finger to do the application and make the rounds of massage until it is absorbed. Just try this cream and let me know your feedback through the comments section below.

Written by

Nidhi Ahuja

I live in Auckland and hold a Masters degree in Business Marketing from NZ. I am a marketing specialist by profession but my love and passion for beauty is beyond everything. I believe spending money on beauty is a long term investment for which we see results afterwards. I encourage my fellas to follow serious skincare regimen which is very important for your stressed skin nowadays. I am a makeup junkie too, I love experimenting with new looks by trying and testing the latest makeup products in the market.